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1st Quarter

  • Listings

  • Submitting our logo to wallet services.

  • Joining token security audits

  • Updates for our web site

  • Marketing activities

  • Platform development

  • Patent and copyright applications

  • We purchase domain names for our platforms

2nd Quarter

  • Listings

  • Updates for our web site

  • Marketing activities

  • Platform development

  • Incorporation works for our platforms

  • We draw up global law contracts for our platforms

  • Marketing activities

3rd Quarter

  • We announce those who support our team and project to the public (Doxxing) 

  • Overview of our first platform

  • We start the pre-registration process of the platform

  • Listings

  • Updates for our website

  • Marketing activities

  • Platform development

4th Quarter

  • The first platform comes into service

  • Platform improvements

  • Platform can be used on mobile devices

  • Major exchange listings

  • Other platform developments

  • Overview of our prototype device called code SB-1

  • Marketing activities

  • The day when PancakeSwap listing takes place will be the start of the first quarter. 

  • If we reach our goals earlier than we expect, we will add new goals - which we haven't released yet - to our road map.

  • You can follow all the latest news about our goals on our social media accounts.

What We Have Done So Far?

  • We developed our Token in the safest and simplest.

  • We deployed our smart contract.

  • We had the source code verified.

  • We successfully completed field tests.

  • We made our budget. 

  • We put our social media accounts and web site into service.

  • We designed our marketing campaigns.

  • We started to work to acquire substructure, sponsorship and social support for our platforms.

  • We created network for listing activities.

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