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   We believe the world is split in two; “Crypto People and the Others”…

   Already familiar with the challenges in the geography they live in, Crypto People can cope with problems or, better yet, succeed in making their assets stronger day by day. On the other hand, the others prefer keeping their safe distance as the crypto world is scary in some ways, much as they find the lives of Crypto People very attractive. They are afraid of being swindled of their savings by market manipulations, frauds and hackers. As a matter of fact, they are right to be afraid. Because long before turning into investments, their savings are likely to be extorted by people with bad intentions, if they don’t follow a safe path. Unfortunately, when this happens, disappointed, “the Others” turn back to their real worlds which they consider safe. 
   Regardless of which world we are from, for most of us, it is more than enough if a crypto currency can be safely stored, transferred and sold. Undoubtedly, recently developed blockchain technologies make great contributions to the crypto world; however, we believe it takes more than superior source codes of crypto assets to provide the “appreciation potential” conditions, which are in fact the fundamental needs of investors. 
Our goal is to develop centralized platforms which comply with local laws in order to create safe bridges between the aforementioned two worlds, which we think are actually really different from one another.
We aim to make Stay Token not only a digital asset, but also a permanent quality contributing to human nature. We produce solutions to overcome the trust issues in the crypto world, which are growing more and more. We are going to realize our platforms and technological products which we have designed according to that goal of ours, in line with our planning. We will have completed the first stage of our project once our platforms become safe and stable and receive positive feedback from our users.     
   In the second stage; we have some goals to achieve, such as the integration of virtual reality and artificial intelligence technologies with our platforms, cooperation with manufacturers to make the virtual reality equipment accessible for everyone; and the production of devices we have designed. 

   We are going to move forward together with our supporters and always share our transparent management system with our community. We are going to collaborate with our community to speed up the production process.

   We are "Stay" here to make our world a more interesting place with the help of scientists, artists and investors supporting our team!


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